Dance Moot XIII

12th March  2016

 The Shire of Harpelstane cheerfully invites one and all to a day of dancing, masques, and merriment in the 16th century Italian style. Music will be provided by Gaita, the site is a 13th century priory church.

The 1589 wedding celebrations in honour of the union between Fernando di Medici and Chrisitina of Lorraine was a splendid, month-long affair which we hope to recreate in a small way through the course of our annual dance event.

The site is a local bus or train out of the centre of Edinburgh in the ancient burgh of Queensferry. Site opens at 11 am and closes at 10 pm.

Site fee: £12 including day long feast (first remove around noon, second around 6pm, with sideboard to follow during ball). Payment in advance is not necessary, but gentles who turn up without booking may have to be turned away (due to a limit on the number the site can accommodate).

Crash space in shire members' homes is available; please indicate upon booking if you desire this, and whether you are driving or taking public transportation.

Event Steward: Lady Estevana d'Orliens (MKA Stephanie Rebours-Smith)
Address: 1/6 Telford Drive, Edinburgh EH4 2NQ
Phone: 07885846528 or 01314673331

Feast by: Lady Sara de Beauchamp (Sara Robinson) and Kiersten Linebreaker (Kiersten Robinson); please contact them at with questions/dietary concerns not included in your booking form/reservation.

Reservations: please email Lady Estevana directly with who's coming, SCA membership or not, any dietary requirements, and any crash space requests.

Location: Priory Church, Hopetoun Road, South Queensferry

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